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Know the basic tricks of Clash of Clans

You may not be quite familiar with this version of the game. But playing it will make you get engrossed in it. You can easily build up some forts with the help of elixir resources. Players can collect the sources and are collected and sorted out carefully. Players can easily go for building an army troop. It can be taken as a single mission for razing a village. Similarly can easily go for a raid through your town. But nothing would get destroyed permanently. Players can easily earn and go for losing the trophies through the entire multiplayer for determining the rank. Go for creating the bands all together in a Clan for earning much more and at the same time loot more resources for organizing group battles. Though the steps sound reasonably simple enough there are many things to learn and know more about.

Learn to be patients and save all your gems

The only thing that gamers need to concentrate upon is the premium currency system. The game is completely free to play. Just don’t cave and go on spending your precious gems for speeding up the production process. On the other hand, you can save them for something more important. Make it a point that you need to complete all the achievements and clear all the natural obstacles. Go for building your gems count purposely for maintaining your game’s standard. Buying the resources on crisis situation with the help of resource like gems can be considered a poor resource management. Its better that you start boosting your own building production.

Collect all the gems and count upon your luck or use a clash of clans hack apk

When you are having ample amount of gems always think twice before taking any such major step. If you want to play a game sincerely then you surely need to make a major flip and go for purchasing another from making the game competitive enough. The player needs to think twice before purchasing the commodities and end the game with the minimum cost incurred.

If the timers have got you down anyhow then go for learning some other games and make out your way through them. There is much other topranked game that is also worthy enough and is appreciated all around the globe for all its exclusive features.

Use the defense resources carefully in Clash of Clans

You can easily upgrade and build your game platform delicately. You need to go in collecting a lot of resources. Take up some of the fights with other players in the game. First, know your interest area before going into the inner core of the game. If you are interested in upgrading your defense then look into the area of walls and town halls. Go for upgrading all the defensive structures. First, find the valuation of the mortar and then go for reconstructing the archer towers and all the cannons. You must know that mortar and the air defenses are most important towers. For making perfect use of the defenses intense protection must be given. The important stuff need to be protected by the feature of overlapping fields and covering such a wide area needs to be avoided.


What are the best rifles and machine guns for the Guns of Boom?

If you are reading this then you are either a beginner in the game of Guns of Boom or else you are looking for some insight of the game and its weapons. Nevertheless, this game is all about team efforts and spirit. Without which, the game would be just another random, boring shooter game. However, this firstperson, multiplayer shooter game is the best in the market. It is available on Kindle, Android and also iOS giving viewers a wider spectrum to play the game in.

Now, any shooter game would be baseless and incomplete without weapons. Mainly, a shooter game would be incomplete without guns, is it not? This is why the developers have made it a point to make this game a fulfilling and amazing one at it.

We have made a list of the best machine guns, shotguns and assault rifles and rifles below for you to have a better knowledge of what you are fighting with.

Assault Rifles:

Slicer: It comes in variety with a grade of 0 to 5. Each of these assault rifles is available based on the level a player is in. the magazine for all the Slicer assault rifle is 38 and comes with the same range of 25. The Slicer Assault Rifles price starts from 24750g to 340G.

Sting: This too comes in variety with a grade of 0 to 5. The magazine for all the Sting assault rifle is 30 and comes with the same range of 25. The price ranges from 11500g to 295G.

Machine Guns:

Anubis: It is the best Machine Gun in the Guns of Boom. The magazine comes in 70 with a range of 28 and power reaching up to 1400. The price ranges from 10850g to 275G.

Hurricane: It is another good machine gun with a magazine of 60 and a neat range of 25. The price ranges from 23800g to 340G.


Blunderbuss: It is the best shotgun in the game with a magazine of 8 and a range of 10. The price varies from 0 to 20G based on the level of the game.

Death dealer: The pretty much sums up the shotgun. The price ranges from 2500g to 220G, with a magazine and range, both of 9.


Scout: It is one of the best rifles available in the game, with a magazine of 15 and range of 40. It has an accuracy of 70%, which is great.

Quicksilver: This is the best rifle with a magazine of 20 and a range of 36. The accuracy rates to 75%.

Well, these were the top best weapons in the game. Avoid going for the Guns of Boom hack and play by the rule, with the rule for a better experience.

Tips to win every game of Simcity Buildit

Simcity Buildit is the improvised version of the Simcity game. The game becomes more and more engaging when you follow few tips to win every game of Simcity Buildit.

Trading Post

Collecting and buying materials and items for your city is the key to building a strong city. When you visit other cities to buy your necessities, you can check out the trading post. This will help you to get discounts. When you buy items at discounted rates, then you can save a lot of money to buy other items. If you want to save even more money, then we recommend using a simcity buildit hack.


A haphazard planning will deteriorate the look and the view of your city. Locate the industries far away from the homes. The industries tend to pollute the industrial areas. There should be an equal number of residential zones as well as industrial zones. People need a good place to live as well as a place to earn their living. Never bother to destroy the things that serve as a hindrance to the living of your citizens. This is a two-way process. You add industries, homes and other establishments by selling and buying from other cities and your own city. You can get the return on investment by collecting taxes from your citizens.

Try to keep people happy

Keep a check on the popping out of the red exclamatory mark. This means that the people are not really happy with the happenings of your city. This leads to people abandoning your city.

Collect Golden Keys

The more you export, the more you can gain access to the golden keys to retrieve your city from natural disasters. Increase the cargo shipments from your country. These golden keys are only provided to those cities which have crossed a particular threshold of the population. As they say, with more power comes more responsibility. When the population of your city increases, your city will be forced under the attacks from natural calamities like earthquakes and UFO. To recover and repair the damage caused by earthquakes, you can make use of these golden keys.

You are vested with the power to transform your city into one of the best places to live in. So, you can make the best use of all the resources. A responsible mayor knows to implement the right strategies and make proper decisions. You can follow few of these tips to expand your thinking skills and win every game of Simcity Buildit.

Utilize your time by playing Hay Day

Hay Day is a game that has been developed by the famous game developing company of Supercell. This means that the game has been hugely famous and has received much appreciation from the gaming world. One can play Hay Day for hours without getting bored. This is because the primary goal of the game revolves around farming and the player gets the real feel of carrying out the essential processes of farming. Moreover, the level of graphics that have been used in the game and the extent of details in which the game has been defined has resulted in the popularity of the game.

The tips that can be used in order to win the game

Hay Day is a game that can be played by gamers of all ages. It is a simple simulation game where the player has to manage his own farm. But there are certain tips that can be used to play the game. So, this certain Hay Day Hack apk have been mentioned which can be utilized in order to win the game:

The player should try to find a good neighborhood. A good neighborhood will result in the player meeting up to a new group of friends with whom he or she can have conversations at the time of playing the game. Moreover, this group of friends can help each other with a game update and can request a necessary item from the neighborhood friend. In fact, the gamer can also request for coins and experience points.

The farmhouse is a repository of diamonds and other items, which can be collected by the player for gaining experience points.

The player if is willing to level up or should focus upon the activity of filling the boat orders, the orders of the farm board and the town orders. The player should also choose to feed the animals on the farm as much as possible. This will increase the amount of produce which will, in turn, increase the experience points that have been gained by the player.

Be the owner of your own farm in Hay Day

The gamers have loved Hay Day for the simplicity that it possesses. The player gets a chance to grow his own farm, raise the livestock of his choice and then manage his farm in order to increase the productivity. Increase in the production will also help in the leveling up of the game. This means that the gamer not only learns the basic steps of farming but also enjoys the game as he goes through the reallife experiences that a farmer faces while farming.

ake part in the battle posed by Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds

War has been a common occurrence since the civilization of man. A civilized population understands and acknowledges the need for a battle. A battle in the truest sense can be experienced by playing Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds. The game has rightly justified the need for a war or battle. This is because the player in order to survive until the end has to kill all his enemies and emerge victoriously. So, play Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds and do not fear war, as wars or battles are necessary to reach an end so that new beginnings can be welcomed.

Background of the game

The setting on which the game has been based upon is that the player along with a pack of fifty other members has been launched on a remote island with the help of the parachutes. Once the player lands on the island, he has to run immediately, for finding the resources like guns, ammo and other health supplies. This is because there are two primary objectives of the game. The first objective is that the player should be able to survive until the end of the game. The second and the most vital objective is that the player should be the lone survivor of the game. So, the gamer has to kill all the other players who are playing the game without being hit.

The features of the game that has added to its uniqueness

The features of the game that has added to the uniqueness of the game have been numerous. Moreover, the recent update that has been provided by the game developer has enhanced the quality of the game. So, the Free fire battlegrounds hack diamonds and coins can be listed down as follows:

The players who have been disconnected from the game due to problems in the internet connection can now reconnect

Moreover, the player in order to gain the lost energy can consume the mushrooms that have been scattered in areas surrounding the map for gaining the energy and regaining the HP over a period of time

The game has also provided the facility of vaulting through Windows

Another brand new weapon that has been introduced in the game for the convenience of the players is the M79 Grenade Launcher

Another brand new vehicle has been introduced in the game is the Amphibious Motorcycle. This new vehicle is a marine vehicle.

Moreover, another character has been introduced in the game of the name Race queen Misha.

The new update that has been introduced also allows the player to customize the loot boxes that have been left behind by the enemies who have been killed

The characters of the game can now be upgraded to the level 7.

When a new weapon has been picked up, the old weapons that have been present in the backpack automatically is removed.

The new update has resulted in the increase of the view distance by 25%, which will now enable the players to identify the enemies who are at sufficient distance from the player.

Play Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds and learn to be a survivor

This action game has been hugely famous. Moreover, the brand new features that have been provided by the developers have resulted in a subsequent increase in the fan base of the game. Some of the other major features upgrades that have been provided by the game is a bigger map, new characters, surfboards that can be customized and other related upgrades. So, play the game repeatedly as with the new update, you will certainly be acquiring a better experience at the gameplay.

Everything that you need to know about Clash Royale

Clash Royale was developed by the developer of the clash of clans that is the Supercell. Here there will be many characters that are similar to Clash of Clans. The game is quite addictive and it knows how to keep the players hooked up to it for long hours. For playing the game properly you will have to go through many guides for having a better understanding of the troops and spells. There will be the in-game resources that are the gems or elixirs or gold. So here in this article, we are going to give you an overview of the entire game.

What is the game about

There will be two teams and each of them will compete with each other. Each team will have three towers and the middle one will be the King Tower. Your job will be to destroy the middle tower within the stipulated time of 3 minutes. And if both the team fails then they will get an additional 1 minute. During this time there will both defending and attacking and the player won’t be able to control the movement of the troops. So the troops will attack whatever they will find in their way and hence they will start with the side towers. So you will have to choose a quick troop so that they can easily complete the side towers and proceed to the middle one. During this entire time, you can use both ground or aerial troops as well as cannons or bombs.

How to survive in the game

When the game will begin you will have to build an army with mediocre and strong Troops. If you just go on buying the strong troops then they will cost you more and their quantity will be less.

While choosing the troop to check their hit points and sees how much damage it can handle. As there will be cannons or bombs so keep the troops upgrade so that they will have special skills.

Troops can’t help you alone so you will have to place the bombs or cannons near your tower so that no one can reach them.

Take both the aerial troop and ground Troops. The ground troop won’t be able to attack the aerial troop hence they can easily destroy the middle tower from the air.

The resources like elixir, gems or gold will be there. Gems help you to fasten up any procedure, which is why using a clash royale hack in 2018 is crucial for winning..

You will have to participate in various chests for gaining these gems. You can expect to gain near about 14 gems every day if you participate in the entire chest.

Use the spells to win the game at the last minute. If you use the freeze spell then it will freeze your entire opponent and within that time you can break their middle Tower.

In the beginning, you will have to drop some trophies for competing with clans with low trophy count.

When you will not be playing the game you can keep the troops in upgrading mode.

With leveling up, the troops will be available at a price range and upgradation will take a longer time to complete.

Make sure that your troop has the barbarian king and archer queen to make it more powerful.

This overview has all the little tips and tricks to survive in this game. There are cheats which you can use for gaining some resources. Use a verified website in order to avoid fraudulent activity. And do not provide any personal information. Never spend the gems unnecessarily because it can help you to perform many tasks.

Everything you need to know about Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool

Established in 2001, Miniclip has continuously churned out high-quality games for the PC and Smartphone users residing in different corners of the world. Released in 2010, 8 Ball Pool is one of the popular games developed by this globally recognized gaming company. It is an online multiplayer game which can be played on mobile devices. The game is available for download in both the Apple Store and the Play Store.


The matches take place in game rooms where players need to bet a certain amount of coins to get started. The aim of the game is simple: pocket all your 7 balls, ending with the 8-ball, before the opponent and win the match. You can’t net the 8-ball before you’re done pocketing the other balls. You have to use the cue to strike the balls on the board. The players get a limited amount of time to make a shot, so you need to plan your shots from before. The guidelines on the screen also give you a basic idea about which direction the cue ball and the target balls will go.


The game offers the following features:

Multiple modes: The game offers multiple modes and allows the players to select their preference and hack 8 ball pool. You can either play in the 1-vs-1 mode where you’re randomly paired against another player, or if you’re looking for a challenge, you can opt for the Tournament mode where you get to play against 7 other players. You can also opt to play with your friends by signing up with your Facebook account.

Minigames: Playing pool is not the only way you can earn rewards in the game. 8 Ball Pool offers a Minigame feature which rewards you with extra Pool coins, scratch cards, and cues. There are three Minigames available:

a) Spin and Win-

As the name suggests, you need to spin a wheel to win rewards. You get a free spin every day on starting the app, and this is a great way to obtain coins and the Lucky Cues. You can also purchase extra spins with Pool Cash- 5 spins for 10 Pool Cash and 15 spins for 25 Pool Cash.

b) Scratch and Win-

The goal of this game is to match three scratch cards to win rewards. The rewards are limited to winning Pool Coins and players win the amount mentioned on the three matched cards. For instance, if the cards you match have 300 written on them, you will be rewarded with 350 Pool Coins. You can win these cards as a reward for Spin and Win, or you can purchase them with Pool Cash.

c) Hi-Lo-

The game asks you to guess if the next number is going to be higher or lower to win rewards. Unlike the other two, you need to pay entry fees to play this game. The entry fee depends on the amount of reward.

Weekly Competition: Weekly competition is an event where players from different leagues can compete with one another to gain a coveted spot in the Top 3 and win handsome rewards.

The simple yet pleasant graphics makes 8 Ball Pool an accurate simulation of a real-life billiards game. If you’re looking to enjoy a game of billiards without stepping out of the comforts of your home, this is the game for you.

Guns Of Boom Hack: Your weapon To Win the Game

Nowadays, mobile games have turned out to be a big deal. Also, they are comparatively more in demand than a computer and console games. The reason is quite simple; you can play mobile games anywhere you want. Like for instance, when you are traveling you can easily play games and kill your time. Because of the convenience of mobile games, it has become one of the favorite pastimes of people. This is why more and more mobile games are being introduced in the market. Speaking of mobile games, one such popular online mobile game is Guns of Boom. Since, its launch in the year 2017, it has become one of the favorite games of the people, and it’s worth your time.

About Guns Of Boom Hack Tool

The Guns of Boom hack was created with the objective of helping the players to complete the game with ease and without having to worry about running short of resources in the game ever again. The hack tool is a combination of mind-blowing graphics along with an interesting game-play for all the gamers out there. To move forward in this game, you need skills and most importantly resources, i.e., Guns of Boom coins and gunbucks. Just like in any other game, resources are the most important thing in this game as well. The main resources that are used in the game are Guns of Boom coins and gunbucks which are time to time produced by the game or you will have to buy the resources using your real money. But you see none of these options are helpful, and that is why you need the Guns of Boom hack tool. With the help of the hack tool, you can get access to any amount of gunbucks and gold whenever you want. This way you can both play and finish the game enjoyable.

Main Features of The Guns Of Boom Hack

The Guns of Boom hack tool comes with some interesting features which are outlined below:

Malicious codes and malware functions are completely eliminated from the hack tool.

The hack tool is 100% safe because of the anti-ban script.

It is free to use. There are no hidden charges.

It has natural and easy controls for your convenience.

Get an unlimited supply of gunbucks and gold with the help of the hack tool. And thus, you no longer have to waste your time on getting resources or even pay for it.

Thus, it can be concluded that the Guns of Boom hack is very useful in the game because of what it can do. It is the easiest way to get Guns of Boom coins and gunbucks in the game. Also, you can enjoy playing the game with the help of the hack tool. So if, you wish to conquer the game then, you need to use the Guns of Boom hack tool. Therefore, instead of wasting time, use and be benefitted from it.

Use mobile legends hack tool and enjoy the advanced benefits

As the technology is getting advanced, various tools and generators have evolved in the market that allows their users to earn and generate more coins and diamonds. People who love playing mobile legends game it becomes important to earn coins, keys, and diamonds because they are essential for the players to move further and buy other items. But with the introduction of mobile legends hack tool people do not need to spend their real money to buy diamonds and keys. This hack tool helps the players to earn coins and diamonds safely.

Features of the mobile legends hack tool:

Helps generate diamonds

The most amazing feature of this hack tool is that it helps the players to generate diamonds and unlimited battle points. As we have already mentioned in the above contest that diamonds plays the major role in this game. Therefore, it becomes important for the players to earn them. So rather than spending real money, using this hack tool will be more beneficial.

User-friendly interface

Most players hesitate in using this hack tool, because some hack tools create a virus in their devices which results in damage and other problems. But it is not so with the mobile legends hack tool as it is hassle free and offer user-friendly interface. You can easily use this tool on your device and is 100% secured.

Works with all types of devices

Some hack tools do not work with every type of devices, but this hack tool works with every type of device whether it’s IOS or Android. You do not need to have any jailbreak or root on your device to make this tool work smoothly.

100% safe

This hack tool or generator offers 100% security and safety for the user. There won’t be any viruses, malware or Trojans that can easily damage your device; moreover, it consists of an anti-virus system that helps you control the entrance of unwanted viruses.

The above-mentioned features are the only reasons for people use this mobile legends hack tool. You can easily use this tool on IOS and androids as it works smoothly and offers you several amazing benefits. You just need to download the hack tool generator onto your device and enter the number of diamonds and battle points you need to play this game.

Using this hack tool is easy; you do not need to come across any difficulty. The more you will have diamonds the more your chances of winning the game will increase. Players to want to buy or save diamonds, battle points, and tickets to play further or want to have further updates about this game must use this hack tool. People who spend their real money to buy such items are now free to earn these items without spending their money. People who say that you have to pay to win the game, they are completely wrong. Using the hack tool, you will not only earn more diamonds and battle points, but chances of winning the game will also increase.

So these were the few benefits and features if you decide to hack mobile legends 2018.

SimCity Buildit Cheats

SimCity Buildit is a game with great graphics and quite entertaining for the users. It is an offshoot of the original SimCity game and due to its immense popularity other types of SimCity games were developed.
SimCity Buildit is more of a mobile game, which is made especially for android and the iOS devices. It is a free game to play that user can simply download and install on their phones and play easily. There are however in app purchases options where the players can use real money in order to buy the game currency, which helps them to progress in the game faster.

The SimCity Buildit game is about building your own city, as a mayor. Building a city from a small patch of land means lots of construction and making of buildings. As a mayor the player also needs to provide the basic necessities and the amenities to the local residents of city. This all requires the player to use the in game currency that he has to earn. The major source of income in the game is through taxation that the player earns. The player must make sure the residents have access to health and education, food and electricity and most importantly, the residents of the city should be happy. All the factors combined help the player to earn money and gold coins in the game. There are also certain “keys” which the player may earn when he completes certain challenges or tasks.

Having to earn these simcity buildit free coins which are known as Simoleons or the currency, which is known as SimCash and the Keys requires a lot of time and patience and without these the game cannot proceed forward. There is an option of buying them with real money which a lot of players do not want to do and leaves them the option of using hacks or cheats in order to get them instead. There are various ways the cheats work, the player can either play strategically, using only the moves which will make them earn the currency or the gold coins fast or alternatively, the player can use various websites which generate the currency or the gold coins with a single click of a button.
Playing strategically to use cheats means the player must make sure:

The overall population of the city is happy. The residents should be provided with everything they require and their happiness would result in the player earning more points
The greater the population, the great will they be able to earn from tax collection.
The more utilities and amenities provided the better will be the earning in gold coins.