Everything that you need to know about Clash Royale

Clash Royale was developed by the developer of the clash of clans that is the Supercell. Here there will be many characters that are similar to Clash of Clans. The game is quite addictive and it knows how to keep the players hooked up to it for long hours. For playing the game properly you will have to go through many guides for having a better understanding of the troops and spells. There will be the in-game resources that are the gems or elixirs or gold. So here in this article, we are going to give you an overview of the entire game.

What is the game about

There will be two teams and each of them will compete with each other. Each team will have three towers and the middle one will be the King Tower. Your job will be to destroy the middle tower within the stipulated time of 3 minutes. And if both the team fails then they will get an additional 1 minute. During this time there will both defending and attacking and the player won’t be able to control the movement of the troops. So the troops will attack whatever they will find in their way and hence they will start with the side towers. So you will have to choose a quick troop so that they can easily complete the side towers and proceed to the middle one. During this entire time, you can use both ground or aerial troops as well as cannons or bombs.

How to survive in the game

When the game will begin you will have to build an army with mediocre and strong Troops. If you just go on buying the strong troops then they will cost you more and their quantity will be less.

While choosing the troop to check their hit points and sees how much damage it can handle. As there will be cannons or bombs so keep the troops upgrade so that they will have special skills.

Troops can’t help you alone so you will have to place the bombs or cannons near your tower so that no one can reach them.

Take both the aerial troop and ground Troops. The ground troop won’t be able to attack the aerial troop hence they can easily destroy the middle tower from the air.

The resources like elixir, gems or gold will be there. Gems help you to fasten up any procedure, which is why using a clash royale hack in 2018 is crucial for winning..

You will have to participate in various chests for gaining these gems. You can expect to gain near about 14 gems every day if you participate in the entire chest.

Use the spells to win the game at the last minute. If you use the freeze spell then it will freeze your entire opponent and within that time you can break their middle Tower.

In the beginning, you will have to drop some trophies for competing with clans with low trophy count.

When you will not be playing the game you can keep the troops in upgrading mode.

With leveling up, the troops will be available at a price range and upgradation will take a longer time to complete.

Make sure that your troop has the barbarian king and archer queen to make it more powerful.

This overview has all the little tips and tricks to survive in this game. There are cheats which you can use for gaining some resources. Use a verified website in order to avoid fraudulent activity. And do not provide any personal information. Never spend the gems unnecessarily because it can help you to perform many tasks.

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