SimCity Buildit Cheats

SimCity Buildit is a game with great graphics and quite entertaining for the users. It is an offshoot of the original SimCity game and due to its immense popularity other types of SimCity games were developed.
SimCity Buildit is more of a mobile game, which is made especially for android and the iOS devices. It is a free game to play that user can simply download and install on their phones and play easily. There are however in app purchases options where the players can use real money in order to buy the game currency, which helps them to progress in the game faster.

The SimCity Buildit game is about building your own city, as a mayor. Building a city from a small patch of land means lots of construction and making of buildings. As a mayor the player also needs to provide the basic necessities and the amenities to the local residents of city. This all requires the player to use the in game currency that he has to earn. The major source of income in the game is through taxation that the player earns. The player must make sure the residents have access to health and education, food and electricity and most importantly, the residents of the city should be happy. All the factors combined help the player to earn money and gold coins in the game. There are also certain “keys” which the player may earn when he completes certain challenges or tasks.

Having to earn these simcity buildit free coins which are known as Simoleons or the currency, which is known as SimCash and the Keys requires a lot of time and patience and without these the game cannot proceed forward. There is an option of buying them with real money which a lot of players do not want to do and leaves them the option of using hacks or cheats in order to get them instead. There are various ways the cheats work, the player can either play strategically, using only the moves which will make them earn the currency or the gold coins fast or alternatively, the player can use various websites which generate the currency or the gold coins with a single click of a button.
Playing strategically to use cheats means the player must make sure:

The overall population of the city is happy. The residents should be provided with everything they require and their happiness would result in the player earning more points
The greater the population, the great will they be able to earn from tax collection.
The more utilities and amenities provided the better will be the earning in gold coins.

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