Use This Simple Trick to Take Your Homescapes Skills to The Next Level

It’s easy to think that the key to playing Homescapes is to have an eye for pattern detection. While there is definitely a lot of that involved, do understand that skillset does have its limitations. There are certain puzzles in the game that for some people, sometimes in certain situations, are downright challenging. In fact, challenging is a too mild of a word. Impossible is more appropriate in the case of many people.

What makes this tricky is that the levels that you would find most challenging may actually be quite easy to other people. They might even laugh at your situation because they look at the puzzle that you are having such a tough time with and quickly solve it. On the other hand, there might be some patterns that you find so basic and so simple that it’s almost laughable that these people just can’t seem to solve. It goes both ways.

That’s why there really is no one-size-fits-all template or game guide that will ensure uniform success to all people reading it. Homescapes is one of those mobile game apps that you really have to handle on a situation-by-situation first-hand basis. With that said, the simple trick that I’m going to teach you enables you to maximize your time on Homescapes. It really does because the last thing that you want to see happen to you is for you to hit a level that seems so hard that regardless of what you do, you can’t seem to make an improvement.

Believe it or not, this happens quite a bit. It doesn’t matter how successful you were with previous puzzles. It doesn’t matter how fast you’ve solved them before. You just come up to this stage and it just seems that nothing seems to ever work. You try to do things one way and then you try to reverse yourself and do things the other way. You try to speed it up, you try to slow it down and you can’t seem to wrap your mind around that problem.

The simple trick here is actually basic. When you learn how to get coins by playing the game or through Homescapes hacks, maximize its value by being as conservative as possible. This is the key. Solve the patterns with an open mind but reserve the coins only if you know that you’re going to be repeating that level over and over again with no progress. That’s the only situation you should use coins in. In every other situation, focus on solving the puzzle.

If you’ve reached a certain level, you already know how the game works. You already know the variations. So, you might want to just revisit all of that and come up with different combinations, so you can get to the next level. Don’t think that just because you encountered some sort of difficulty that you automatically have to blow through your stack of coins.

Homescapes hacks do enable you to get a nice stack of coins every single day but reserve that coins only for times when you absolutely need it. This is the key to take your skills to the next level because outside of this, regardless of how good you’ve become at pattern detecting, it won’t be good enough because there might be some sort of complexity that is throwing you off your game and certain parts of Homescapes just seem off-limits to you because it seems that no matter how successful you have been with other parts of the game, you can’t seem to apply that skill to this particular level.
The good news here is that by using coins to get past this really tough level, there’s a high chance that the succeeding levels are actually quite easy. You could actually cut through them very easily. You will then hit a wall and then you use coins there and then you go on to the next stage. That’s the key. This is quite a simple trick, but it works.

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