What are the best rifles and machine guns for the Guns of Boom?

If you are reading this then you are either a beginner in the game of Guns of Boom or else you are looking for some insight of the game and its weapons. Nevertheless, this game is all about team efforts and spirit. Without which, the game would be just another random, boring shooter game. However, this firstperson, multiplayer shooter game is the best in the market. It is available on Kindle, Android and also iOS giving viewers a wider spectrum to play the game in.

Now, any shooter game would be baseless and incomplete without weapons. Mainly, a shooter game would be incomplete without guns, is it not? This is why the developers have made it a point to make this game a fulfilling and amazing one at it.

We have made a list of the best machine guns, shotguns and assault rifles and rifles below for you to have a better knowledge of what you are fighting with.

Assault Rifles:

Slicer: It comes in variety with a grade of 0 to 5. Each of these assault rifles is available based on the level a player is in. the magazine for all the Slicer assault rifle is 38 and comes with the same range of 25. The Slicer Assault Rifles price starts from 24750g to 340G.

Sting: This too comes in variety with a grade of 0 to 5. The magazine for all the Sting assault rifle is 30 and comes with the same range of 25. The price ranges from 11500g to 295G.

Machine Guns:

Anubis: It is the best Machine Gun in the Guns of Boom. The magazine comes in 70 with a range of 28 and power reaching up to 1400. The price ranges from 10850g to 275G.

Hurricane: It is another good machine gun with a magazine of 60 and a neat range of 25. The price ranges from 23800g to 340G.


Blunderbuss: It is the best shotgun in the game with a magazine of 8 and a range of 10. The price varies from 0 to 20G based on the level of the game.

Death dealer: The pretty much sums up the shotgun. The price ranges from 2500g to 220G, with a magazine and range, both of 9.


Scout: It is one of the best rifles available in the game, with a magazine of 15 and range of 40. It has an accuracy of 70%, which is great.

Quicksilver: This is the best rifle with a magazine of 20 and a range of 36. The accuracy rates to 75%.

Well, these were the top best weapons in the game. Avoid going for the Guns of Boom hack and play by the rule, with the rule for a better experience.

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